Bungie Response Review Bad Destiny

With funding power of up to USD 500 million, it becomes something very rational of course, to anticipate the presence of Destiny as an innovation leap that has not existed in the gaming industry before. Moreover, he also attended as the first project Bungie Studios outside the big name Halo, which deserves to be called as one of the best FPS console games from the mechanical side of the gameplay to the story. But what do we get? Those of you who have read most of Destiny’s reviews from outside sites or JagatPlay may understand the weaknesses. Repetitive, lazy mission design, so minimal content, to the superficial taste of the MMO is an important note that continues to be complained about. Bungie Studios seems to understand this and you can get Roblox robux hack .

They continue to improve themselves. In response to various complaints, Bungie consistently threw the latest patches to balance and improve existing gameplay. But this of course does not affect the value of media review game that has been gliding in cyberspace.
David Dague from Roblox  revealed that they are constantly improving themselves from every honest feedback thrown by gamers. Various patches that glide into evidence of it.

The community manager – David Dague revealed that Bungie does need feedback related to Destiny. They claim to keep improving themselves every time an honest opinion is issued by gamers, and they make sure that they are more critical of themselves. Destiny now only has 77 in Metacritic, with a user score of about 6.5 of the 3,200 ratings cast by the gamers themselves.