Jobs to do in the garden in February

Although temperatures are starting to rise this month, there is still a risk of frost and snow. Protect plants and pots susceptible to frost by wrapping insulation like garden feathers around them. Bony trees thanks for the generous dry mulching apps to protect their roots from cold winter conditions. This is a good time to take fallen and dried leaves, and clean garden and greenhouse sheds in time for spring. Then what other gardening work should we do in February?

In this dark moment, dig a few drops of snow and violets and plant them in shallow decorative vessels. Surround them with fresh green moss cushions. Then bring them into the house and enjoy the taste of this spring and you can visit on

When the park is empty, it’s time to sort out the structure and style for the warmer season. Wandering around last year’s show, it seems the gabion cart is at the top of the park’s design agenda. The gabions are made of strong welded mesh and when they are full of stones, they prevent erosion from the bank. However, they could be used more: making a bench, terrace borders or raised terraces. Fill with a stone that matches your area to an old edge. Add a bag of soil and they become a place to grow alpines and grasses. When packing with something other than rock, you will need a thicker mesh basket.

Begin the seeds in the wet compost on the window sill and move to a cold place but free of frost as soon as you see the first leaf. Keep seeds and seeds closed at night to avoid rod visits and place young plants in a cool place (outside on the terrace, for example). Plants on the ground are well prepared in the spring after the last ice.

The intense blue flower Iris reticulata in February is a joy. They bloom in late winter and, as high as 12 cm, they are suitable for pots. Buy as a flower bulb now or plant a bulb in the fall. Place the container in a sunny place and make sure they are well drained. This hard plant will appear every year, but with more power than the last and read on thisĀ .

Continue with size before spring. Cut apples and pears while they are still dormant. Leaving plum, cherry and apricot trees until summer to prune these fruit trees will now make them vulnerable to silver leaf disease.