Activision: Destiny is the New World’s Successful Franchise

Yes, again news about Destiny. This FPS game lately is busy talked about in cyberspace. Especially if not for its success to attract many console gamers around the world.

According to Activision, in the first five days of presence in the market of dragon ball z dokkan battle dragon stone hack  successfully sold for USD 325 Million! In addition, the total time gamers spent playing Destiny reached 100 million hours in the first week, with over 137 million activities.

With this positive achievement, Activision also claimed Destiny as a new game franchise with the most successful sales in history! Before, the company also called this game managed to become a new title with the largest number of pre-orders.
Distributed as much as USD 500 million to major retailers, Destiny sold over 65% of total stock in just 5 days – collecting USD 350 million for Activision. Officially making it the most successful new franchise globally.

“Millions of gamers have fun moments when playing Destiny and can not put their controllers on. And this is just a start. dragon ball z dokkan battle is a platform that will grow and expand and we will continue to work together with Bungie to bring new experiences and in-game content, “said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

As is known, the day after it was launched Activision announced that the first and the game retailers had booked Destiny with total orders reaching USD 500 million. While Media Create announced Destiny sold about 140 thousand units in Japan specifically for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. What about you? Already trying Destiny?

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