Arena Masters: Legend Begins Review

Ame competitive lately is popular among gamers, if the first existed only on PCs such as DotA 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, now competitive games have entered the mobile realm. Various kinds of competitive games were popping up, one of which is Arena Masters: Legend Begins besutan Nexon this. Officially released on April 27 last, this game immediately reap a lot of praise on Google Play.

Regardless of the “fresh” genre Nexon has provided for the latest mobile games, KotGa’s crew compares it a bit with Lost Saga online. How not you will find some similarities to the gameplay mechanism on the Masters Arena: Legend Begins. Before KotGa’s crew talks further, let’s first see the NBA Live Mobile hack Android .

Arena Masters: Legend Begins has different 3D graphics. The new personal KotGa crew first saw 3D graphics like this in mobile games. Although not too good looks and special, KotGa crew quite comfortable to see the quality of graphics. On the other hand, the quality of the animation when the fight is pretty cool that will add to the excitement of playing.

You need to know, Arena Masters: Legend Begins has the advantage of a full PvP full-arena match feature. These features include PvP Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Zombie Virus as well as PvP, NBA Live Mobile and Pratice Battle. Even so, there are also campaign features that may be “not too important” because KotGa crew is too cool to fight with other players. To add to the excitement, there is also a Clan feature.
As KotGa crew mentioned above you will really feel the same “feel” as playing Lost Saga for who ever played it. You will fight intensively. On the PvP You will fight solo 1 vs 1, there is also 3 vs 3. So ranked will be divided into Solo and Team. You can only play the game at level 17.

In this game there is no gacha to get hero, you can buy hero with gold or crystal which of course correspond to the quality of the hero. Gacha is there only for equip, the level of equip is divided from Uncommon to Ancient. To add excitement to play, there are cool skin for each hero that you can buy with crystal.


At the time of the fight, it is not as difficult as imagined. You just need to move the character correctly in the sense of timing in using the skill to be precise, plus you also have to be smart in avoiding the opponent’s attack. Some of the folders are also chasms that might make you fall.

Each hero has its own uniqueness, NBA Live Mobile can not judge which heros are the best, because all return to the fighting style of the player itself. To raise the hero level is difficult, you need each Soul Stone hero. The higher the level, the more it takes to raise the level. To strengthen the character, you can use equip with Uncommon rarity up to Ancient, unfortunately only equip with Rare upwards level which can be enchanted.
To add to the heroic strength, there is also a Talents divided into two, namely to increase the ability to attack and survival skills. Not to forget there is also a relic to produce an additional strength that can be obtained from the chest you buy or get from a reward.


As you know, most mobile games today mostly feature Turn-Based RPG, MMORPG or Moba. But according to KotGa crew, overall, Nexon has managed to bring a genre that is really fresh for mobile games. Arena Masters: Legend Begins really offers a very intense competitive fight.
Arena Masters: Legend Begins is perfect to play with your friends, apart from individual abilities, teamwork skills are also needed. Apparently this game is also worth entering the realm of esports because PvP feature in this game really highlighted.

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