Bandai Namco Turn Off Ridge Racer Driftopia & Madden Mobile

Trying to maximize an increasingly unclear franchise of the future, especially with the potential and the remaining fan base, many great developers are finally taking an easier way. The three most effective strategies today are the porting process, creating the simpler new series for the mobile market, or throwing a new series that is positioned as a free to play game. From so many publishers, Bandai Namco is famous as one of the most active in this last lane. Games like Tekken, Madden Mobile, and Soul Calibur have finally got their free to play version. The racing franchise – Ridge Racer went through a similar process. But unfortunately, it does not end sweetly.

After the presence of Ridge Racer Unbounded serie, which unfortunately, it gets more criticism because of the sensation that does not reflect the big name, Bandai Namco tried to answer the failure with a series of free to play. Fortune tested by the name of Ridge Racer Driftopia was finally released in September 2013, via Steam Early Access and Playstation 3.

Unfortunately, far from the word mature, Madden Mobile hacks  must vanish. Bandai Namco officially announced the closing of the Ridge Racer Driftopia server in the near future due to its apparently insignificant popularity. Bandai Namco is grateful for the support of gamers over the years and promises to consider every possible feedback for their next project.

Hopefully the failure of Ridge Racer Driftopia can provide more insight for Bandai Namco to implement the mechanism of a free to play game, which not only obviously wants to pursue money and profits, but also still can be enjoyed even though it is played for free. How many of you played this Ridge Racer Driftopia?

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