Microsoft Apologizes About The Witcher 3 Xbox One Trailer and How about Super Mario Run

After a long wait, the popular wrestling game that has always been a product for the console platform – Super Mario Run  finally ensured to the PC! This confirmation slipped from 2K’s own mouth that will re-release this game for PC, with all the content they could offer on Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions. Not only that, some DLC content will also be thrown for free to make this PC version more tempting. 2K itself had mentioned that WWE 2K15 will be released in spring 2015, which means stay a few weeks ahead. But who would have thought, that he was going to be released in the very near future.

As if not wanting to waste time, 2K immediately throws WWE 2K15 into Steam’s Store page, which also opens a pre-order period for those interested. The pre-order process will allow you to get the price of this game with 10% cheaper discount – Rp 491.400, -. While the full release version will be offered in the price range of Rp 546.000, -.

This PC version will contain a series of DLC content directly from day one, including: Sting Pack, Hulk Hogan Pack, WCW Pack, Moves Pack, Accelerator, 2K Showcase: One More Match, Super Mario Run , and Showcase: Path of the Warrior.

The wave of hype that can no longer be dammed, live one more month before all of us, the opportunity to taste a game that has the potential to become one of the best Western RPG game ever. The wide world, the fantasy that feels so realistic, the concept of open world, a myriad of side quests, challenging difficulty levels, spoiling music, and cool monster designs seem to guarantee that we will be trapped in nature Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for a long time. Not surprisingly, console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft are also trying to exploit this hype even further. But unfortunately for Xbox One, this leads to blunders.

Through their official YouTube channel – Xbox, Microsoft throws the latest 8-minute trailer of The Witcher 3’s “Precious Cargo” game featuring a brief investigative mission Geralt is undergoing. It is very rational for gamers to immediately conclude that all these dazzling visuals are recorded from the Xbox One version, considering it was officially released via the Xbox One channel itself. But there is something strange with this trailer, something that makes Microsoft have to apologize.

This video turned out to load a viewing option in 1080p / 60fps quality which is a quality that can only be achieved by PC version. Since long ago, CD Projekt has confirmed that the version of Playstation 4 and Xbox One will only run at 30fps only.

Does this mean that Super Mario Run hack  latest gameplay video is captured from the PC version? So true. Microsoft acknowledged this and apologized publicly after a wave of criticism struck the video. They insist that it is not in their intention to release a potentially misleading information. An additional description is pinned, explaining that this video is taken from the PC version and probably will not reflect the quality that gamers will get for The Witcher 3 version of Xbox One.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2015, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Can not wait !!

Mobile Legends Reviews

Along with the title above, good news is also for you PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers. The Elder Scrolls Online new-gen version finally gets a definite release date!

With Mobile Legends headline: Tamriel Unlimited, Bethesda calls June 9, 2015 as the day of its release. In this version gamers will instantly get all the updates as well as the content of add-on available, including Justice and Champion system.

Most interestingly, gamers no longer required to pay subscription fees every month to play Mobile Legends ! What gamers need to do is buy the game, then play as much. Approximately similar to the concept used by Guild Wars 2. For PC and Mac gamers themselves, starting March 17, 2015 is also no longer required to subscribe.

“Fans are our greatest inspiration and we listen to their feedback to get the entertainment experience they want. We know the Elder Scrolls fans want to have a choice about how they play and how they pay, and that’s what they’ll get, “said Matt Firor as Game Director.

Officially, The Elder Scrolls Online finally wiped out the monthly subscription system. Like GW2, it is now positioned as a Pay-to-Play MMO game. Confirmation about the release of Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions is also sliding!

With no longer requiring gamers to pay subscription fees, that does not mean Bethesda has no other way to look for additional revenue. Later there will be special content that is optional as well as items to perform customization that is sold in Crown Store. As for the regular updates and the latest gameplay will be released for free.

For gamers who remain loyal to pay monthly fees, Bethesda provides an option called ESO Plus which is none other than a premium membership service. Joined in ESO Plus, gamers will get exclusive bonuses, monthly crown rations for use in stores, and access to all DLCs.

Please note that PC and Mac gamers who are still in subscription status on March 17 next membership will be immediately changed to the EOS Plus service. Just for information for the new intend to buy Mobile Legends online hack tool , Tamriel Unlimited version will also be available for PC and Mac on June 9, 2015. Interested?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Back Dominating!

November became one of the hot arenas of the game industry, a fact that can no longer be contradicted. How come? The giant publisher decided to release their flagship games in the eleventh month. Call it the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Activision, Dragon Age: Inquisition from EA, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4 from Ubisoft, to GTA V HD Remastered from Rockstar. This month is regarded as the most appropriate moment because of one word – cooking fever hack on .

Although not a popular phenomenon in Indonesia, but gamers in the Western hemisphere there have a chance to enjoy their target games at a more affordable price – Black Friday. At this moment, the distributors are usually willing to lower the price to ensure massive sales.

So, who managed to be the best in the UK during this Black Friday moment? None other than that – of course the popular FPS game from Activision – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In second place, FIFA 15 also rediscovered its position as one of the “favorite” games of British gamers. The most remarkable achievements were recorded by Playstation 4’s exclusive racing game – Driveclub that managed to increase sales by 999%. So, the top 10 most popular games on Black Friday. Here is the complete list:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Grand Theft Auto 5
Far Cry 4
Assassin’s Creed Unity
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Minecraft Xbox Edition

How about you? Of all the games released this November, which one is the most favorite

Will Nintendo Present Official Game Boy Emulator for Mobile?

Game Boy is one of Nintendo’s handheld gaming consoles that were quite popular in its prime. Gamers who grew up in the 90s must be familiar with this one console, and may have many memories with it.

An interesting step Nintendo took associated with the roblox. According to information circulating, Nintendo has just patented Game Boy Emulator that enables emulation on other platforms such as displays on the back of the benches on trains and airplanes, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones.

“Low-capacity platforms (such as displays on the back of train benches or airplanes) may not have sufficient power processing to deliver good performance. Unless the emulator software is created and optimized properly, (the emulator) will not be able to maintain real-time performance when running on a slow processor,  roblox  robux hacks .

With the patent Nintendo seemed to lift back the gossip that once mentioned Nintendo want to try to enter the mobile realm, although each questioned, the company always denied it. Even so, there are other speculations that appear where Nintendo also want to ‘get rid’ other Game Boy emulators emulator that is now widely circulated.

As is known, during this Game Boy emulator is already widely scattered for various platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, or PC. Had also come for iOS, but now Apple forbid it. Even so, none of the many emulators are officially made by Nintendo, aka, only a third party claim.

Ubisoft Sure Releases The Crew Will Not Troub

The need to continue to connect with the Internet is indeed expanding the potential of how a game is presented and enjoyed, but on the other hand – it becomes one of the sources of problems that can not be underestimated. History notes that these games that focus on needs like this end up being a nightmare on the first day of release. Unsuccessful developers who fail to facilitate server needs make many gamers unable to connect at all, as well as making them unable to enjoy it from day one. Diablo 3, Sim City, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Driveclub, to Halo: The Master Chief Collection becomes a silent witness. However Ubisoft is optimistic that it will not happen with their latest racing game –  Roblox free robux .

In his interview with The Metropolist, Lead Designer of The Crew himself – Serkan Hasan expressed his belief that the release of The Crew will go very smoothly. As the MMOyang racing game focuses on multiplayer experience, gamers will be able to enjoy it from day one.

The belief is rooted in the fact that roblox has repeatedly passed the beta period with a fairly long period. Ubisoft makes the moment to simulate the server condition scenario at the time of release, where thousands of gamers enjoy this game simultaneously. He hopes that the smoothness of the beta period of The Crew can provide little guarantees for gamers who may be traumatized.

The Crew itself is planned to be released before this week ends for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. How about you? How many of you are interested in playing this one MMO racing game?

Bungie Response Review Bad Destiny

With funding power of up to USD 500 million, it becomes something very rational of course, to anticipate the presence of Destiny as an innovation leap that has not existed in the gaming industry before. Moreover, he also attended as the first project Bungie Studios outside the big name Halo, which deserves to be called as one of the best FPS console games from the mechanical side of the gameplay to the story. But what do we get? Those of you who have read most of Destiny’s reviews from outside sites or JagatPlay may understand the weaknesses. Repetitive, lazy mission design, so minimal content, to the superficial taste of the MMO is an important note that continues to be complained about. Bungie Studios seems to understand this and you can get Roblox robux hack .

They continue to improve themselves. In response to various complaints, Bungie consistently threw the latest patches to balance and improve existing gameplay. But this of course does not affect the value of media review game that has been gliding in cyberspace.
David Dague from Roblox  revealed that they are constantly improving themselves from every honest feedback thrown by gamers. Various patches that glide into evidence of it.

The community manager – David Dague revealed that Bungie does need feedback related to Destiny. They claim to keep improving themselves every time an honest opinion is issued by gamers, and they make sure that they are more critical of themselves. Destiny now only has 77 in Metacritic, with a user score of about 6.5 of the 3,200 ratings cast by the gamers themselves.

Activision: Destiny is the New World’s Successful Franchise

Yes, again news about Destiny. This FPS game lately is busy talked about in cyberspace. Especially if not for its success to attract many console gamers around the world.

According to Activision, in the first five days of presence in the market of dragon ball z dokkan battle dragon stone hack  successfully sold for USD 325 Million! In addition, the total time gamers spent playing Destiny reached 100 million hours in the first week, with over 137 million activities.

With this positive achievement, Activision also claimed Destiny as a new game franchise with the most successful sales in history! Before, the company also called this game managed to become a new title with the largest number of pre-orders.
Distributed as much as USD 500 million to major retailers, Destiny sold over 65% of total stock in just 5 days – collecting USD 350 million for Activision. Officially making it the most successful new franchise globally.

“Millions of gamers have fun moments when playing Destiny and can not put their controllers on. And this is just a start. dragon ball z dokkan battle is a platform that will grow and expand and we will continue to work together with Bungie to bring new experiences and in-game content, “said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

As is known, the day after it was launched Activision announced that the first and the game retailers had booked Destiny with total orders reaching USD 500 million. While Media Create announced Destiny sold about 140 thousand units in Japan specifically for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. What about you? Already trying Destiny?

Bit Heroes Review

Portable amusements will enthrall you with a few elements in any case makes you feel fulfilled before long like eating an excessive number of desserts. They may feel great at in the first place, in any case pay you later. Little saint, adorned with Kongregate retro RPG, as precisely that.

Bit legend has a few decent qualities that assistance you get into the entryway. The “bit” of the title addresses stylish sensibility, which is clearly an old school in nature. Pixelated visuals with sound impacts and music, this is a Madden Mobile that can be played on the amusement support of past days.

It is likewise effectively open through a basic fight based characters that you experience an issue in one of the cellar of the diversion. Contingent upon the kind of weapon you deal with, that can be altered your legend can have Up to three assaults and diverse capacities, yet every one of them are sufficiently straightforward so that everybody can without much of a stretch see how to utilize it. Whenever experience, you can likewise induce or degenerate creatures to join your gathering to shape some portion of the journeys.

On your way through the fundamental journey line you will test your boldness against a manager fight that can be perused in three unique levels of trouble and utilize your companion character in the amusement to get offer assistance. The PvP mode places you in the fight against the man-made (however uncontrolled), others, and Gauntlet prepared you through 10 floods of foes to win awesome prizes and a greater place in the rankings. All things considered this was an organization, bunches of plunder to change the look and style of your diversion and more saints in bits has every one of the components you need in an amusement like this and get Madden Mobile hack on .

There is just a single issue, and it is adequate, for reasons unknown, Heroes Bit need to run the substance again and rather change to the place.

For instance, a pursuit mode shows a great deal of land, each with their own condition and remarkable adversary. This part was quite cool. What is not as intense as it is an exceptionally solid trouble bend while propelling a world to the following stage however guarantee that you won’t be past the main cell of the following card that you open.

This is particularly valid on the off chance that you consider that on the off chance that you can correct the things that make nauseam make your own particular all the more intense character (albeit gradually on the off chance that you don’t discover better hardware), the quality of your group is possessed by Familiers constrain you , Which don’t go one level. A consolidation framework enable you to join two Families together to make a superior, yet the best dependable approach to dole out more grounded beasts to achieve you will likely issue a substantial number of premium Neglecting to do as such, the main choice you have is to pass the level supervisor over and over, trust you have figured out how to beat the odds of getting uncommon familiars. This is a circumstance that makes me feel like I enjoyed myself for the main day and a half to audit the diversion and afterward abruptly felt sorry at last, understand that it could be at least somewhat great , Hence the similarity with desserts.

Bit Update Heroes might have the capacity to recuperate it in light of the fact that there are exceptionally basic however fun diversion bones here that grew up with appeal, sentimentality and funniness. This Madden Mobile lone touches the divider too rapidly in its present shape in which individuals ponder what to do with the exception of producing a similar fight over and over, and it persuades too quick to possibly be safeguarded by different things.

Mobile Strike Game Android & iOS Review

Mobile strike is a free redirection to play like what you will find a large number of conditions some time as of late, up until this point, a great deal more dreadful. It obtains money really despicably, and despite for the ethical arrangement of activity rather have this dubiousness rise as a ghastly instance of the negative side of mobile gaming. I know it has a high and engaging spending publicizing, and despite the way that Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to credit at any rate some trustworthiness (never thought I would state) of the “redirection” by any techniques.

The thought should have known, you build the best armed force establishments, set up your obstruction and ambush, and step by step invigorate until you are adequately strong to demolish your foe. Think war or strife King preoccupation, yet not in any way invigorated. In any occasion they both have a built up dream trimming; It is as of late dull, a nonsense of present day battling. In case the sensible or vital segment of military procedure is extremely of the mobile strike, it would be immeasurably moved forward. I imagine a kind of Rainbow Six meets Total War, and I believe they make it a preoccupation.

You don’t need to state Over. You stand specifically before me.

It starts with a fast progression, and there is an incredible arrangement to do. Everything is canvassed in the menu at the most elevated purpose of the menu, yet for the right kind of obsessional people, the extent of beginning points of interest to business can be astoundingly captivating. It rushes to back off, and when you are incited to hold up a long time to refresh the minimum complex. Additionally masochistic abuse on our yearning to propel, you are constantly introduced to an offer to pay certifiable money to advance. I grasp, the diversion is free, be that as it may I have never watched this arrangement of activity with so much drive realized. There is no ease by any extend of the creative ability.

Adding attack against insult, the entertainment was horrendous. If you have to fasten us any occasion give us something wonderful to look at. Jolie, is definitely not. It takes after a fledgling understudy expand, not an entertainment that justifies consuming through an enormous number of dollars advancing

This preoccupation is the inverse. Likewise, he was uncommonly bonehead.

In the Mobile Strike cheats  resistance, there is an extensive measure of substance here that is not behind a paywall. Beyond question, a huge part of it is the dull change menus, however maybe is the thing that a couple people are looking for. It has a really minimal size of foundation, and works staggering on all devices I have attempted. So something. Obviously, as it creates the impression that the N64 preoccupation, yet, the acknowledgment for an occupation well done.

It’s just plain obvious, I have no issue with some person benefitting from the redirection, paying little heed to the likelihood that it is associated manipulative. Likewise, clearly, in case some individual needs to spend their money on something that makes them bright or managing disturbed, I have nothing to judge. I bought an impressive measure of crap in my day. However, that does not legitimize the way that it is not an uncommon diversion by any standard I can get it. It has all the earmarks of being apparent that they complete underneath standard preoccupation, wearing shoes at sensible expenses, and spend an impressive measure of money on advancing. If you have to play Mobile Strike  to no end, there is an extraordinarily enhanced choice, more accommodating and more inventive.

Arena Masters: Legend Begins Review

Ame competitive lately is popular among gamers, if the first existed only on PCs such as DotA 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, now competitive games have entered the mobile realm. Various kinds of competitive games were popping up, one of which is Arena Masters: Legend Begins besutan Nexon this. Officially released on April 27 last, this game immediately reap a lot of praise on Google Play.

Regardless of the “fresh” genre Nexon has provided for the latest mobile games, KotGa’s crew compares it a bit with Lost Saga online. How not you will find some similarities to the gameplay mechanism on the Masters Arena: Legend Begins. Before KotGa’s crew talks further, let’s first see the NBA Live Mobile hack Android .

Arena Masters: Legend Begins has different 3D graphics. The new personal KotGa crew first saw 3D graphics like this in mobile games. Although not too good looks and special, KotGa crew quite comfortable to see the quality of graphics. On the other hand, the quality of the animation when the fight is pretty cool that will add to the excitement of playing.

You need to know, Arena Masters: Legend Begins has the advantage of a full PvP full-arena match feature. These features include PvP Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Zombie Virus as well as PvP, NBA Live Mobile and Pratice Battle. Even so, there are also campaign features that may be “not too important” because KotGa crew is too cool to fight with other players. To add to the excitement, there is also a Clan feature.
As KotGa crew mentioned above you will really feel the same “feel” as playing Lost Saga for who ever played it. You will fight intensively. On the PvP You will fight solo 1 vs 1, there is also 3 vs 3. So ranked will be divided into Solo and Team. You can only play the game at level 17.

In this game there is no gacha to get hero, you can buy hero with gold or crystal which of course correspond to the quality of the hero. Gacha is there only for equip, the level of equip is divided from Uncommon to Ancient. To add excitement to play, there are cool skin for each hero that you can buy with crystal.


At the time of the fight, it is not as difficult as imagined. You just need to move the character correctly in the sense of timing in using the skill to be precise, plus you also have to be smart in avoiding the opponent’s attack. Some of the folders are also chasms that might make you fall.

Each hero has its own uniqueness, NBA Live Mobile can not judge which heros are the best, because all return to the fighting style of the player itself. To raise the hero level is difficult, you need each Soul Stone hero. The higher the level, the more it takes to raise the level. To strengthen the character, you can use equip with Uncommon rarity up to Ancient, unfortunately only equip with Rare upwards level which can be enchanted.
To add to the heroic strength, there is also a Talents divided into two, namely to increase the ability to attack and survival skills. Not to forget there is also a relic to produce an additional strength that can be obtained from the chest you buy or get from a reward.


As you know, most mobile games today mostly feature Turn-Based RPG, MMORPG or Moba. But according to KotGa crew, overall, Nexon has managed to bring a genre that is really fresh for mobile games. Arena Masters: Legend Begins really offers a very intense competitive fight.
Arena Masters: Legend Begins is perfect to play with your friends, apart from individual abilities, teamwork skills are also needed. Apparently this game is also worth entering the realm of esports because PvP feature in this game really highlighted.