Two Naughty Dog Developers Now Move Handle Call of Duty

Unquestionable quality, this one sentence deserves to be posted for every project handled by the veteran developer – Naugthy Dog. Sheltered under Sony’s massive flag and launching exclusive games just for their console, every game launched Naughty Dog always comes with amazing charm. Through games like Crash Bandicoot in the past, or Uncharted and The Last of Us in the golden era of the Playstation 3, he grew into a well-respected veteran developer. Unfortunately, that identity does not seem enough to make teamwork in it appear super solid. More news about the resignation slid from Naughty Dog.

After being left behind the officials who worked on various Uncharted projects in the past, Naughty Dog now have to deal with the departure of two other developers that are not less important. Is Jacob Minkoff – Lead Game Designer and Taylor Kurosaki – NBA Live Mobile Lead who finally decided to no longer develop a career with Naughty Dog.
Two more important developers Naughty Dog who decided to resign. Now joined Infinity Ward to develop the Call of Duty series in the future.

Interesting again? Both are confirmed to be joining Infinity Ward, with a position that is equally important. Of course, they will be key players for the latest Call of Duty series in the future. Although it is no longer shelter under Naughty Dog, both openly still show support for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

As a well-known developer through his ability to cultivate incredible plots and dramatizations, the injection of two prominent Naughty Dog developers into Infinity Ward blood certainly unlocks the incredible potential to see a powerful NBA Live Mobile series on this side, like Modern Warfare in the future then. Can not wait to see what these two offer ..

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