Watch Dogs Defend Yourself About Setting “Secret” E3

Feeling lied to, this may be the right word to describe the feelings of almost all PC gamers around the world today. How come? Disappointment is rooted in the fact that Watch Dogs are present in the commercial version is not as good as those that were introduced in the E3 2012 event to be a source of frustration in itself. What really happened? Especially considering Ubisoft had delayed the release of this game for several months? The answer is very surprising. One of the modder named “TheWorse” managed to find the fact that the setting of E3 2012 is actually stored in secret in the game Watch Dogs itself, but all the visual effects are turned off for no apparent reason. Controversy again surfaced, Ubisoft again blasphemed. The team responsible for the production process certainly can no longer hide.

Ubisoft is suspected of deliberately locking this E3 2012 setting from the PC version to ensure the final visual results with a difference that is not too conspicuous with the latest generation console version. However, what exactly is the reason the developer team itself? Responding to the wave of negative response that continues to hit the Watch Dogs, they finally spoke up.
The ongoing negative reaction finally forced Ubisoft to speak. Refuting it as a form of GTA 5 visual downgradei, Ubisoft reasoned that the diverting of the various visual effects of E3 2012 is indeed essential to create a much more enjoyable Watch Dogs experience.
The ongoing negative reaction finally forced Ubisoft to speak.
An official statement was finally issued by Ubisoft in reaction to the discovery of the 2012 E3 setting in the Watch Dogs. Setting that offers a more perfect effect of light, shadow, and depth of field is a source of trouble for them. Through their own site, Ubisoft states that this action is not a visual downgrade for Watch Dogs PC version, but an attempt to ensure the game runs optimally with the best quality on every platform. All of these settings are admittedly turned off due to their effect on visual comfort, game stability, gameplay quality and overall performance. One that is mentioned is the difficulty to read the environment well, thus making Watch Dogs even more difficult to enjoy. In closing, they say thank you for those who have chosen Watch Dogs.

As one of the gamers who play GTA 5 money hack on PC and quite furious with the findings of the “secret” setting of E3 2012, the reasons expressed by Ubisoft may be somewhat unreasonable. What is article? When enabled, this setting is proven to result in a more stable gameplay performance with less stuttering effects. Not only that, if indeed such an option can be achieved to produce a much more optimal visual quality, why not submit a decision to activate these effects back into the hands of the gamers themselves? Why they choose to “hide it”.

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