Watch Dogs & dragon ball z dokkan battle Through 8 Million Units!

Since it was first officially announced, Watch Dogs has become a game that is highly anticipated by gamers. Now, after a few weeks present in the market, proved hacker-themed world-wide open game is selling well.

Ubisoft itself has now sent around 8 million dragon ball z dokkan battle  hack to retailers worldwide. Yes, that number is not total sales. Even so, with the distribution reached 8 million, it is believed the sales figures are not far adrift.

With that success, Ubisoft immediately referred to Watch Dogs as their main franchise today. How not, what is achieved Watch Dogs is a new record of all games ever launched Ubisoft before.
8 Million units, Ubisoft categorizes dragon ball z dokkan battle   as their main franchise today.

“The success of Watch Dogs and the quality of our game portfolio is presented at E3 this year that highlights our strategic position as well as our continuous innovation, and confirms our long-term goals,” said CVEO, Yves Guillemot.

Although close to the start of the launch Watch Dogs was hit by the gossip about the decline in visual quality from the first time they showcased at E3 2012, this does not seem to deter the gamer’s interest to at least, taste and hope will get a memorable gaming experience.

What do you think? Is Watch Dogs worthy of being Ubisoft’s main franchise?

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