Will Nintendo Present Official Game Boy Emulator for Mobile?

Game Boy is one of Nintendo’s handheld gaming consoles that were quite popular in its prime. Gamers who grew up in the 90s must be familiar with this one console, and may have many memories with it.

An interesting step Nintendo took associated with the roblox. According to information circulating, Nintendo has just patented Game Boy Emulator that enables emulation on other platforms such as displays on the back of the benches on trains and airplanes, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones.

“Low-capacity platforms (such as displays on the back of train benches or airplanes) may not have sufficient power processing to deliver good performance. Unless the emulator software is created and optimized properly, (the emulator) will not be able to maintain real-time performance when running on a slow processor,¬† roblox¬† robux hacks .

With the patent Nintendo seemed to lift back the gossip that once mentioned Nintendo want to try to enter the mobile realm, although each questioned, the company always denied it. Even so, there are other speculations that appear where Nintendo also want to ‘get rid’ other Game Boy emulators emulator that is now widely circulated.

As is known, during this Game Boy emulator is already widely scattered for various platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, or PC. Had also come for iOS, but now Apple forbid it. Even so, none of the many emulators are officially made by Nintendo, aka, only a third party claim.

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